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Murders in London // for sebastian-michaelis-the-crow
There have a string of murders going around in London, all involving girls between the ages of 16-21. Though it’s most recent victim was a male aged 25 named Jonathan Clynch. He was raising his 20 year old Victoria, whose mother died a few months ago to scarlet fever. Ciel was instructed to let Vict...
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Academics have developed complicated theories and obscure jargon in an effort to describe what is now referred to as structural racism, yet ...
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Tail Pulling
Crows (meaning Corvus, not just the crows with the common name “crow”) pull tails.  It’s like they can’t help themselves.  If there is a tail, it must be pulled: Magpies in the genus Pica (the holarctic magpies) do this behavior as well, which is impressive, considering ...