• crush •
Hug me like it’s been 10 years since we saw each other
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  • most people talking about their crush:they're so kind, smart, funny, and super cute!
  • me talking about my crush:this FUCKING DORK what a TOTAL LOSER i'm gonna FIGHT this NERD
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• Don’t say you never cared about me because I still have the gifts you gave me from Valentine’s Day in my room - and I still sl...
It's national crush day, who ever sends you a '?' has a crush on you.
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why the fuck do boys ever think it’s okay to make a girl think he cares about her, and then just leave her? drop her. leave her broken...
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You’re driving me fucking crazy
When your crush looks at you and smile:
And you’re like:          Then you go on with the rest of your day feeling like:         
Puta, en serio me gustas mucho.
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