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This is a cry for help. I have been living under my parents’s roof for two years, due to suffering from debilitating OCD and not being able to go to school. I barely can hold a job. I live in an emotionally abusive environment, which has contributed to the worsening of my OCD. I feel gaslighted on a...
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Hey Guys. So normally I wouldn’t be coming here for help. But at this point, I’m DESPERATE. Since I was little I have been verbally abused by my mom’s husband. Back then it was enough for me to handle. But for the past month, it’s escalated in severity. I’ve been threat...
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Donations are critical to this puppy’s health! Roo is being given to me by a girl who tried to surrender her at five days old to a high kill shelter because she was born with no front legs. I convinced her to hold onto her and let her build up her strength with her mom and I would take her whe...
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PLEASE REBLOG + SIGNAL BOOST: Issy "Baby Riss" Ruiz needs your help.
Hi, This is my friend Issy (better known as Baby Riss), she is a much beloved and absolutely incredible nineteen-year-old who has just been diagnosed with an extremely rare, life threatening disease. Her only option, besides continued hospitalisation for the foreseeable future to receive invasi...
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Hello, my name is Ezekiel and in the photo above is my mother. Things in our life have taken a twist that we were not expecting, me and my disabled mother are going to be homeless and literally living on the streets in probably a months time. Recently a close family friend whom bought us the hous...
The cancer has spread to my brain.My name is Xia, and in November of 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Cancer has been something I’ve feared since losing m...