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Sleeping next to someone is honestly the nicest thing. Like when you half wake up at 4am and squeeze them or they move in tighter to you.
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I’m in such a cuddly mood but like I would also suck you off if you wanted.
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aries - smiles against ur face taurus - strokes ur hair gently gemini - pokes ur cheeks cancer - doesn’t let u move away leo - lets u rest ur head on their tummy virgo - tells u stories libra - stares into ur eyes scorpio - suffocates u with love and kisses sagittarius - hands on the booty cap...
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I feel so in need of cuddles right now it’s fucking insane.
Reblog if you need cuddles right now.
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I want cuddles. I want to have his warm rough hands protectively grasping my waist bringing me closer with every breath he takes, every once in a while trailing his fingers up and down my arm and occasionally playing with my hair, my head perfectly fitting underneath his chin burying myself into his...
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