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  • Things that exist:Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture
  • Things that do not exist:"White culture"
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A muggle-born’s sibling sends them a howler in the middle of the school year and it arrives while they eat. When they open it, all it does is simply scream “WHAT TEAM?”. Nearly all the muggle-borns shout “WILDCATS!” before returning to their meal, leaving the pure-blood...
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Culture Appropriation
I’m going to try to explain this in the nicest way ever.  I still see people defending Little Mix and saying that what they did isn’t offensive soooooo I made this post to explain in a nice way. Ok so before me start I want to make sure you know what culture appropriation is!  This is p...
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(TW: Rape / Rape Culture / Misogyny)
Steubenville football players drug, kidnap, and gang rape unconscious girl, call themselves “Rape Crew”, tweet about it, take pictures of it, and video tape it. They are essentially sentenced to 1-2 years. The media bends over backwards to portray them sympathetically. Marissa Alexander ...
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Turning a human being into a thing, is almost always the first step in justifying violence against them.
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So I was looking up Norse names and
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Contemporary forms of oppression do not routinely force people to submit. Instead, they manufacture consent for domination so that we lose o...
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I think the most painful realisation comes when you find that you cannot speak your mother tongue as well as you do the language of the land...
Some of the other things that are very common in porn is the very stereotypical scenario where a woman says “No” but then she...
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I think Arab Supremacy is not talked about enough and it is something I feel strongly about. Racism in Arab countries against South Asians and East Asians, as well as black people is seen as common and expected. It is normal for staff to treat customers who aren’t white or Arab themselves poor...