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couple cute mine kawaii MY EDIT pink 2k pastel transparent pale ye waifu hubby I miss these type of messages 8(((
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my edits otp cuties ww haikyuu kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! kagehi kagehina !haikyuuedit finally i can touch my ps again what a great time to be alive ^////q////^ will reply the messages asap !!
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Misha’s video messages for the Shorty Awards
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I posted this and now it has over 114,000+ notes. holy. shit.
love couple girlfriend boyfriend cute adorable i love you i miss you i want you aww i love him i like you text messages cute texts goals i still miss you i love it I miss him i miss this I miss it i still love you I cry i crave you I don't like it i have feelings i miss what we had i like sleep relationship goals I don't like much I crave it
I rarely abbreviate my text messages
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