• cute outfits •
~ glee blaine anderson glee* always lookin fine his outfits this season are soooo cute
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5k Joseline Hernandez her outfits are so cute on this show
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new dresses are always exciting!!!
my edits kristin chenoweth Lee Pace Pushing Daisies Olive Snook Ned pushingdaisiesedit they look so adorable in their cute little outfits and the pie hats!!
gif * cardcaptor sakura Sakura Kinomoto why are all of sakura's outfits so cute... even her casual ones...
My art Kirishima Touka touka kirishima nei draws tokyo ghoul saw some cute outfits and yeah~
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mine glee Quinn Fabray m:glee so many outfits that were super cute but quinn was only barely seen in the background so i couldn't really gif them
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