• dad •
  • Dad:How do you know if someone is ticklish?
  • Me:No idea.
  • Dad:You give them a testicle
  • xD
  • By far the best dad joke yet
Be a dad. Don’t be ‘Mom’s assistant.’ That’s depressing, just waiting for her to write you a list, walk around a sto...
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A woman is at her father’s deathbed. She hasn’t seen him in years and now they only have a few moments left. "Dad, I’m sorry," she whispers. "Goodbye, Sorry," he says, "I’m dead.”
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  • my dad:growing up is hard
  • my dad:first you believe in santa
  • my dad:then you don't believe in santa
  • my dad:then you are santa
  • my dad:then you look like santa
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1k mine American Dad roger smith american dad!
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Congratulations, your Dad level is now 55!
Manliness increased by 2 Dad Humor increased by 5 Sneeze Volume increased by 7 decibels Ability to Relate to Kids decreased by 1 Need to Buy Lottery Tickets increased by 2 New joke unlocked: “Hi Bored, I’m dad!” New ability available for purchase: Power Sneeze
  • Me:Okay, so I would identify as bisexual.
  • Dad:And that means you would have a male partner.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:Or a female partner.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:And that means you're bi.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:So that means if you don't find a partner you're on standbi?
  • ...
  • Me:So my Japanese class is going well, we're learning grammar.
  • Dad:Are you learning kanji-gation?
  • Me:...
  • Dad::D
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