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Your carnivore pet is not “vegan” just because you feed it vegetables We have a word for that already, it’s called “animal abuse”
  • Ethical vegan:Doesn't eat or use anything that came from or harmed an animal.
  • "Plant based" vegan:Doesn't eat anything that came from an animal, or anything processed or "unhealthy," but might still wear leather or use beeswax or ride horses, etc. Probably is vegan just for health reasons.
  • Environmental vegan:because that pound of beef used as much water as six months worth of showers. and did you even think about the amount of greenhouse gasses involved?
  • Raw vegan:fruit + raw veggies + sunlight + magic vibes
  • Gourmet raw vegan:poster child of raw food. eats raw dehydrated cashew kale chips, raw spaghetti noodles with raw cashew pesto and raw walnut sausage, and raw cashew cheesecake.
  • Raw til 4 vegan:smash in the carbs. nice cream. pasta.
  • Low carb vegan:similar to bigfoot in that its existence is whispered of but unconfirmed. probably eats lots of nuts and avocado. is suspected to be moody and undercarbed, so if you encounter one please watch out.
  • Junk food vegan:Oreos, potato chips, vegan pizza, just about anything the plant based or raw vegan would avoid, but at least it didn't kill any animals!
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I’m putting my cat on a vegan diet. "how could you do that! that’s animal abuse" No it’s not. a vegan-only diet is actually very healthy for them. "cats are carnivores. they need to eat meat" I know. that’s why it’s a vegan-only diet. I feed them only the finest veg...
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Vegan Tip:
Ignorant remarks from meat eaters are a complete source of protein. Examples of these high quality proteins include “but bacon,” and “plants feel pain.”
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