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love light mine depression perfect sky photograph city dark blue clouds nature storm magical pale I'm in love melancholy
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mine trees fresh indie dark blue nature neon plants gray grey modern glow pale
What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.
Skynet es confederada
LOL funny haha wtf humor funny pics funny pictures funny tumblr
funny humor jokes Taco Bell Fast Food cool things
haha oral humor
funny mine lmao humor humour illuminati salad illuminati confirmed
This dark at 5pm shit is fucking me up
At the dinner table, my sister asked all of us what color we thought her boyfriend’s shirt looked like. After we all said gray, she turned to him and said “now tell them what color you think it is” and he just quietly replied “dark white”
remember in 2006 when you accidentally hit the internet button on your flip phone and then you had to press end 40 times to keep your parents from paying for such a luxury
twitter humor tweets propio absurdo chorradas cosas acidas
humor ceasar
gif humor propio Mamada absurdo chorradas cosas acidas
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