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Types of Humor: The 5 "S"s
Slapstick: physical humor, as in humor found from physical stimuli or physical reactions. Ex: farts, sex, AFV, pie to the face, Three Stooges.Sarcastic: double-entente humor, as in humor based off of the ironic difference between literal and intended meaning. Ex: Bert and Ernie, Squidward, 9th Docto...
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22 Witty Illustrations of People’s Deep Dark Fears
Illustrator Fran Krause has created witty comics, called “Deep Dark Fears,” of some of his readers’ most irrational and bizarre fears. Although, some of the illustrated fears are unreasonable and can never happen, you’ll find that they are quite common.
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Dunkey delivers some A+ Dark Souls III strats for all you we...