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Oh, fuck. Goodwill has so many Mask tapes
Ok, well, really they only have 3 different The Mask Animated Series tapes, but why do they have so many copies? Who donated these and why did they have them? Oh, fuck, now I have a lot of Mask tapes… 69 Mask tapes to be exact. They were all unopened. I don’t even have a VCR. Even if I did,...
My art comics dark souls my comics solaire Dark Souls 3 nameless king
We hard workers are going to rebuild this temple.Sadly we on...
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when ever i play a souls game.
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Darksouls dark sun gwyndolin darksouls3
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onlyafro Dark Souls 3
dark souls Dark Souls 3 tofugifs: darksouls3 tofugifs
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Black people mock Lil Kim for changing her appearance and calling her a sell out, but then at the sa...
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