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concept: daveed diggs, in character, giving a tour of monticello for mtv cribs
I just want to bring back to life Thomas Jefferson to let him know that we all deeply love a black jewish man who’s playing him on Broadway just as much as we deeply hate him, the actual Thomas Jefferson
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Marquis de Lafayette daveed diggs hamiltonedit dissolvoedits
Good For You
Leslie Odom Jr. ft Daveed Diggs 
Leslie Odom Jr. ft Daveed Diggs - Good For You
Each character rhymes differently. The way that they are rapping contributes to their story. George Washington raps in a very on-beat, metro...
Calvin and Hobbes he is so cute daveed diggs dissolvogifs hobbes and me kinda wanna cry kinda wanna die
mine Jonathan Groff lin manuel miranda broadwaynetwork hamilton cast daveed diggs hamiltonedit had to make another one because this part is too cute
* 1000 500 100 i honestly love him so much daveed diggs there's not really a point to this set past me clawing at my own face about how great he is tbh like pls look at daveed and how beautiful and talented and wonderful he is
my gifs Calvin and Hobbes daveed diggs I'm sobbing we're so blessed
* hamilton theatreedit hamilton cast daveed diggs hamiltonedit hamiltoncastedit stop i love him
* ** beyonce Jonathan Groff hamilton hamilton cast daveed diggs
gifset thomas jefferson hamilton daveed diggs im literally just fuckin laughing so hard jfc make it rain daveed bb also LOOK AT BURR AND MADISON I CANNOT
mine 10k musicals hamilton lin manuel miranda brian d'arcy james daveed diggs hamilton broadway the reynolds pamphlet has become one of my favorites
reblog if you would fight thomas jefferson outside a wendy's in the dead of night
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He’s constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the British henchmen, ev’ryone give it up for America’s favorite fighTING FRENCH MEMELARGE BAGUETTE
Hamilton Cast Voices
Okieriete Onaodowan - A gentle earthquake feeding you chocolate.Anthony Ramos - The delicious icing and crumbs and cinnamon mixed together in the bottom of the box after you eat a cinnamon roll.Christopher Jackson - Drinking English Breakfast tea, sitting opposite a waterfall, in a cloud of mist.Dav...
When your whole squad has finally listened to Hamilton: