• david ramsey •
mine david karp barack obama obama IT'S FINAL also he's the coolest president i've ever seen
my edits neil patrick harris 10k NPH David Burtka Gideon Scott Harper Grace
photography film neil patrick harris couples David Burtka families
gifs* Emma Roberts Jason Sudeikis jennifer anniston david clark will poulter we're the millers Rose O'Reilly Casey Mathis Kenny Rossmore this scene was the funniest omg
gif film movies comedy Bradley Cooper jennifer lawrence 2012 movie gif silver linings playbook david o russell
my gif gif cat David Tennant kitten :3
doctor who matt smith sherlock martin freeman supernatural superwholock David Tennant sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson Jensen Ackles Misha Collins real talk bbc sherlock dr who 11th Doctor 10th doctor series 3 dr.who jared padelecki mary morstan The Empty Hearse mary watson the sign of three his last vow
m neil patrick harris David Burtka himymedit nphedit
doctor who matt smith MY EDIT David Tennant my stuff the day of the doctor
Me trying to finish something important on time:
gif fish sand science biology David Attenborough marine biology life story mating puffer fish chalkgif
pictures david letterman bill murray the late show
ok but what if you married whomever was on your *phone* background what would your name be
* gifs mine Disney Channel television lizzie mcguire Gordo David Gordon larry tudgeman mr. dig.
"Do you know that Jesus loves you?" by David Lopez
1k Harry Styles mine Emma Watson MY EDIT David Tennant jared leto chris colfer Neil Gaiman 5k logan lerman tom hiddleston 10k matthew lewis Luke Pasqualino simon pegg luke newberry douglas booth Eddie Redmayne ben barnes peter gallagher russell crowe keifer sutherland jerome jarre heforshe
mygifs David Tennant 10k love him seth meyers late night DAYUM p: david tennant jessica jones kilgrave that purple suit tho
doctor who matt smith sherlock David Tennant jennifer lawrence Benedict Cumberbatch james mcavoy Michael Fassbender tom hiddleston my life Hugh Jackman loki xmen Loki Laufeyson xmen first class now you know xmen days of future past WHAT DO YOU THINK SeeTheN how we see life
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