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Reblog this if you believe Yunjae is/was real.
Lets see how many people actually believe in this couple.
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Things That Continuously Keep Me Up at Night
Xiah has a twin brother.  Jaejoong was adopted into a family of seven sisters.  Max’s first kiss was stolen from Jaejoong while he was sleeping.  Yunho loves children. He once said he wanted 20 daughters and 5 sons.  When Yoochun sees an attractive girl he will stare at her and not sto...
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  • Jaejoong:take naked selcas, hung out with friends, hangover, more naked selcas, new album, depressive songs, weird instagram videos.
  • Changmin:variety show, and eat eat eat eat eat eat, and play with legos, and eat the legos.
  • Yoochun:golf.
  • Yunho:going to Japan, coming back to Korea (over and over and over again).
  • Junsu:compose, sing, back to musicals, new songs, new album, rule the world with an army of cats.
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What is the motivation behind the DBSK members' success?
Yunho, forever the leader, says Practical Changmin says Jaejoong, the Eternal Umma, says  Dandy boy Yoochun says And of course, Junsu wouldn’t be Junsu if he didn’t say When asked why?