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my random anger at DC continues
Of course the dudebro division of DC wants to get rid of Dick Grayson. They haven’t done it, but only because they must grudgingly admit it would cause too much public outcry. Still, they’ve been trying it for years. In 2010, Dan Didio and Brian Azzarello had this to say: There was lots...
Amber Alert: Please help!!!
Amber Alert issued for missing Maryland girl, 8, connected to discovery of homicide victim (Now identified as Kahil Tantum’s wife). UPDATE: Relisha may be in the company of another man besides Kahlil Tatum, the owner of one of the vehicles. His friend Ricky Lyles, a man with a long criminal hi...
Authorities believe Relisha may be with Kahlil Tatum, pictured left. They may be traveling in a white 1976 GMC truck with a Maryland tag of 305015.
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