• dcedit •
* behind the scenes gal gadot dcedit by anna Batman v superman ggadotedit
dc wonder woman *gifset dcedit Batman vs Superman batman v superman: dawn of justice lmao well i saw the tags and couldn't resist i mean that's pretty much it that one thing that i am the most excited about in this movie *50K
1k mine 5k 10k Supergirl dcedit kara zor el supergirledit supergirl cbs s: supergirl
dc comics mine* Power Girl Karen Starr dcedit kara Zor L comics* comicedit c: pg pg* i think about these panels a lot fun fact of the day it took me a year to realize that those dudes were the ones from that horrible sitcom That Shall Not Be Named either way take some friendly advice from karen
gifs harley quinn dc comics margot robbie dcedit suicide squad by chris
dc harley quinn margot robbie eeeeeeeeee *gifset dcedit suicide squad probably the only thing i cared about in the trailer okay also viola davis also oh my god oh no these are gonna be Harleen flashbacks
MY EDIT batman and robin harley quinn batman returns catwoman Poison Ivy Michelle Pfeiffer Uma Thurman margot robbie dcedit suicide squad
* dc anyway dcedit suicide squad guns cw
1k MY EDIT gif* harley quinn dcedit ssedit kissedbyflames harleyquinnedit dccuedit mrobbieedit suicidesquadedit dceuedit this is really cruddy but im sick and tired so lmao i tried
* dc harley quinn dcedit suicide squad
1k gifs my gifs batman the joker my posts harley quinn frozen dcedit
* Nicki Minaj beyonce 10k wonder woman Gina Torres Power Girl huntress Black Canary Lucy Liu zatanna zatara dcedit laverne cox wrists cw
dc $ ^ harley quinn t *dc dcedit this is so gross suicide squad
gif * mystuff harley quinn i tried to color dcedit suicide squad but i failed harleyquinnedit dccuedit maxsrockatansky suicidesquadedit
* harley quinn mymovies dcedit suicide squad ssedit fallenbarnes jaredsleto oh my god love me trailers are the worst to color
my gifs mine 10k dcedit suicide squad rubertkazinsky wondys jacksonsteller IM ON FKLFIRE
gif mine the joker jared leto heath ledger jack nicholson dcedit movieedit suicide squad aarontaylorjohnson jaredsleto
my stuff V For Vendetta dcedit filmedit vertigoedit vforvendettaedit
gif film TV The Avengers wonder woman feminist Deadpool harley quinn the incredibles Marvel Supergirl queens arrow jubilee dcedit agent carter marveledit suicide squad attack on titan iZombie kick ass ladies jessica jones crouching tiger hidden dragon furiosa mad max fury road batman v superman dawn of justice star wars the force awakens xmen apocalypse legends of tomorrow Boss ass bitches
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