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Woman  who Filed Flint Water Lawsuit Shot Dead in Twin Killing
Sasha Bell, the 19-year-old mother who was the first person from Flint to sue the city for poisoning thousands of its residents, was found dead in her apartment, New York Daily News reports.Bell, along with a second woman, Sacorya Reed, were both shot to death last week in the Ridgecrest Village apa...
alice isn't dead emailing dickheads
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“boys don’t like it when you…”
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reminder that the minute octavia was harmed, bellamy was willing to throw his own life awayreminder that when bellamy thought he was about to die, he looked at octavia and told her he loved herreminder that bellamy wanted octavia to be the last thing that he ever sawreminder that octavia wanted bell...
reblog if you would fight thomas jefferson outside a wendy's in the dead of night
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That one teammate that takes multiplayer too far.lmfao I’m a...
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