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mine* mass effect thane krios meedits 800* mineme* tbh i think thane and miranda win at being the most deadpan of deadpan snarkers
gif harry potter .gif bored harry Harry potter gif boring HARRY GIF bored gif lethargy deadpan lethargic boring gif deadpan gif lethargic gif lethargy gif
mineee deadpan sworn in sworn in band The Death Card
*** enjoy chris colfer chris talking about suggestive songs in the most deadpan way he knows how that was gonna be the title but it was too long
1k dean winchester me too spn: s5 spnedit spngifs* spndeanwinchester supernatral ep: the devil you know deangifs* me too dean i just really love his deadpan reply
Types of Humor: The 5 "S"s
Slapstick: physical humor, as in humor found from physical stimuli or physical reactions. Ex: farts, sex, AFV, pie to the face, Three Stooges.Sarcastic: double-entente humor, as in humor based off of the ironic difference between literal and intended meaning. Ex: Bert and Ernie, Squidward, 9th Docto...
my gifs tyler seguin dallas stars deadpan literally do people ask him for money often
imagine lovino and feli working in a supermarket and one day ludwig is looking for feli and he’s like “hey lovino do you know where your brother is” and lovino just says “go to the flowers aisle. look for pansies.” and ludwig just sighs
photography light film cold medium format street city urban city life minimalism minimal kodak Shadows concrete reflections 6x6 asphalt portra parking garage subtle tlr photographers on tumblr lensblr deadpan minolta autocord hydraulics negative film flourouscent lights urban complex
mine leonardo dicaprio *gifs Tom Hardy tomhardyedit dicaprioedit The Revenant magzneto tomshardy when they broke into laughter - its the cUTEST
1k mygifs arrow oliver queen a* felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity okay so i know that heaps of their funny moments are to do with felicity saying suggestive stuff while oliver smirks/looks amused but i'm going to save that for a different gifset hahaha i just always laugh so much when i watch these particular scenes because THEIR FACES ARE SO DUMB felicity mumbling and oliver looking hilariously exasperated and felicity being cheeky and oliver making deadpan jokes THESE TWO IDIOTS HAVE RUINED ME
gif Black and White movies buster keaton silent film 1920s trains Slapstick
trying to find that one post where y’all speculate about Finn realizing he needs to provide a surname, and he just goes with “Dameron” because that’s the first one which comes to mind (none of his old friends had surnames or even names beyond their official designations, and he can’t remember that m...
Orphan Black tatiana maslany cloneclub helena ob ob bts OBpostJJ john nelles roars like a tiger :)
* my gifs !!! young justice artemis artemis crock yjtropes i'm going to do all of them probably i'll at least make sure to get the original six done
new girl masterpost this took me 5ever new girl links new girl masterpost but i get so many people asking for good links so tada i will try to keep this updated message me if any of the links aren't working