• def •
comic Miraculous Ladybug caprette art plagg i promised myself a shitcomic tonight its almost 2am and the comic is def shitty
* event hq cassie
gif. edit. def not your last!
1k my stuff the walking dead Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus inside the actors studio twd cast twdedit mine*gif ily dork! it's my fav word too! honesty is def a turn on way to go normiebae!
vii morangos mofados osomatsu san Todomatsu matsuno todomatsu /osomatsu osomatu-san idk their signs but totty is def a gemini
Adele Justin Timberlake raven symone channing tatum Dave Chappelle Azealia Banks mos def black history month stacey dash gary owen don lemon michael rapaport racial draft theperksofbeingblack a pack of newports
NBA Basketball music rap Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers kanye west hip-hop mos def Swizz Beatz
gif1 carrie fisher Oscar Isaac sw cast daisy ridley star wars cast swcastedit oscarisaacedit oisaacedit i def have more than 10 but i hope i picked well with these are u fucking over the 8th gif cause im not. unfuckingbelievable
Tupac mos def odb mariella angela helloTes
photography art trees flowers tokyo nature garden tunnel wisteria flowering plants wisteria flower tunnel Kawachi Fuji Garden asylum-art-2 artension 150 Wisteria Wisteria Flower
J.K Rowling revealed that the American word for muggle is ‘no-maj’.How do you guys feel about this.
drum majors def play drums
Drake music hip hop mypost future X-men jay z Magneto mystique spider man Marvel black widow black panther redman Sabertooth Carnage Run Dmc silver surfer curren$y missy elliot Clipse geto boys groot inhumans rocket raccoon spider gwen dirty sprite 2
Fanart Persona 3 Mitsuru Kirijo Yukari Takeba Fuuka Yamagishi digi p3 p3p long post rev up those fryers hamuko arisato Natsuki Moriyama yukamitsu a blessing rio iwasaki s:sketch ive been awake for 23 hours save m hamrio and idk what th shipname is for fuuka natsuki is but someon e on twitter sai d and they def are
2k my graphics mads mikkelsen madsedit idk if this one's as good lol quality's def worse cause i dug up some obscure 360p youtube vids
legend of korra the legend of korra lok artbook asami Asami Sato book 4 legend of korra artbook book 4 artbook finally some hd scans of that concept art I've been cringing all week seeing those other posts floating by don't get me wrong I really appreciate the effort they put into making those images but I needed high def quality of these outfits tbh
pierce the veil problems fall out boy motionless in white bands Black Veil Brides panic at the disco Falling In Reverse Iron Maiden ALL THE TIME black sabbath ac dc bandom def leppard bandgirls
photography hip hop rap b&w Black & White mos def Yasiin Bey
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