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A words word passion definitions definition english noun otherwordly other-wordly tagging is hard guys aeipathy enduring passion consuming passion
Darren Criss blaine anderson Is perfect is a pain in my ass
sherlock canon ship slash johnlock This is what happens when I'm bored
the hobbit martin freeman Esquire The Mod Man Of Middle Earth
me quote tumblr text lyrics word urban post so true definition problem HATE YOU issue misanthropy urban dictionary misanthrope totally me hate people hate human hate mankind have friends
mental illness inspire mental health recovery scpoem sc poetry
mine *gif jason todd Red Hood batman: under the red hood bc i haven't giffed this movie in awhile and like at one point it was the definition of my blog's existence also having a lot of robin feels after that reblog
self life m words heart word mind Change living definitions definition english change your mind noun origin: greek otherwordly unusual words strange words weird words lovely words Change of Heart way of life
glee santana lopez Quinn Fabray ryan murphy slapsgiving
When a definition of a word you look up is explained using the word you didn't understand to begin w...
my gifs richard dean anderson michael shanks daniel jackson sg1 stargate sg 1 jack o'niell they're the definition of an old married couple
sex ed sex quotes old books sex addiction funny sex nympho Sex book sex manual
Michael Jackson King of pop
lord of the rings LOTR The Two Towers eomer karl urban film edit favourite of all the favourites of all times badass at its higest definition forever in love with eomer
Cool science Astronomy nasa
people movie words live definition sonder
ok, i am fully sick of this shit, dictionaries are not sparkly magical oases of unbiased truth, utterly untouched by racism or political agenda whose political agenda exactly? here, lemme show you. i took five minutes to search for the creators and current owners of merriam-webster and the oxford di...
louis tomlinson One Direction Niall Horan fybedit THE FACT THAT I HAVE THESE PICTURES ARE SO CREEPY the quality of these are the definition of shit though