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It’s 5 a.m. and I am drunk and I know you’re happy and you’re okay but I’m not and I can’t breathe and I wish ...
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1. She thinks she talks too long. I promise you, she doesn’t. Listen to her talk for hours on end, because you’re going to want ...
Because I’d rather be getting drunk than think about your lips tasting hers.
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Please stay, I’m so fucking sorry I’m like this.
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Don’t you EVER send someone to bed feeling unloved or unwanted.
You’re part of the reason that I started smoking And why I binge watch bad TV. You’re the reason I can’t eat Rocky Road ic...
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I was seven years old when my teacher told me that the most colorful insects were also the most venomous ones and I was sixteen years old wh...
Just because I don’t talk About it anymore Doesn’t mean I’m better. I can tell when people get tired of me, But mental ill...
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