• depressing writing •
mine smh typewriter spilled ink writing more depressing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked you better When you weren’t Close enough To hurt me.
I’ve thought about killing myself more than i’ve thought about graduating high school ,
art quote quotes My art writing write the tumblr artists its not deep or pretty or intellectual its just depressing
If I told you How many times I’ve sat alone On the shower floor, I promise, You’d cry too.
I’m just so Fucking tired Of being sad For no reason.
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Another weekend wasted Alone in my room And I don’t think It’s possible To be Any more Dead Than I am Right now.
It’s only when you’re at your lowest that you can put the most beauty into the words you write.
Please tell me I’m not as forgettable As your silence Is making me feel.
lit writing sorry not sorry I guess
This is not Art. This is Falling Apart. There is no beauty In being broken.
I keep telling myself I want to live But what is life Except dying A little more slowly?
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I guess I’m just A clingy kid With noone left To cling to.
` Never expect someone to respect your feelings because you respect theirs. Never expect someone not to hurt you because you would never hur...
Seasons changed and so did we.
I can not make my sadness & pain sound poetic or beautiful . I’m a horrible fucking mess and theres nothing beautiful about that.