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I have seen no one make this joke yet so I call dibs.
I'll stop shipping destiel when Misha Collins stops shipping destiel.
One day, Dean Winchester will understand why I keep giving Castiel back to him.
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Oh my god. I just cropped this picture and asked my boyfriend who he thought Dean was looking at. He said, “I don’t know, does he have a wife? It’s probably his wife.” And I just
I have this goofy little headcanon where Dean starts calling Cas “angel” as a term of endearment (but only when they’re alone), and Cas doesn’t quite get why Dean is calling him “angel” (because obviously he’s an angel). And so he starts calling Dean “...
When people ask why I ship Destiel
So, the theme of this entire season is “love can conquer the monster.”  So, yeah. No more speculating, kids. They’re practically hitting us over the head with it at this point.
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At a GISHWHES challenge this weekend I met MISHA COLLINS We straight up asked him if he ships Destiel In a serious tone he said “Totally” I SHIT YOU NOT I SOLEMNLY SWEAR THIS IS 3500% TRUTH I HAVENT BREATHED IN A DAY
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my gifs supernatural castiel destiel spn tv shows !supernatural making spn gifsets because i can for some reason i'm in a huge destiel mood? happy season finale
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