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“Flight 122 from Kuwait is currently taxiing. Checked luggage for this flight will be unloaded on Baggage Claim 2.” Castiel waited anxiously at the foot of the escalator, apprehensively shifting in place as a computerized voice sounded over the terminal speakers. He watched the status o...
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I love the idea of Dean being romantic as hell but simultaneously emotionally constipated and grouchy about it. Tossing a bouquet of colorful daisies from the cooler at the grocery store on the kitchen table for Cas to find. Complaining that Cas sleeps too late but leaving coffee on the nightstand, ...
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  • Dean:Hey, Cas.
  • Castiel:C-Cas? What? No one has ever called me that before.
  • Dean:Oh, Er, do you mind, Castiel is kind of a mouthful.
  • Castiel:No, this is a truly amazing development. No one has ever in the history of my life had the audacity to shorten my name. This is totally new to me. Nickname? What is nickname? I have never heard of this before now.
Well, first off, we’d be surprised if you managed to land a relationship with him and not a one night stand to begin with, seeing as the boy...
OMFG my husband was cleaning out the closet last night and he laid out some coats he doesn’t wear anymore and is taking to goodwill so I go downstairs this morning I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED TO SEE THIS
i love fucking incredible fanart. like, look at this shit motherfucking piece of ass art look how fucking real that looks and everyone’s favourite look at this omg none of these belong to me. if theyre yours and you want me to take it down or whatever, tell me. ugh. so perfect
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headcanon: Cas and Dean fell in love while the angel was rebuilding him and restoring his soul but once Dean surfaced on earth he didn’t remember any of it and Cas has been subtly trying to remind him ever since
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