• disney 1950s animation History Sleeping Beauty 1958 black history floyd norman animation history •
stay woke black lives matter black girl magic
Moana - International Trailer #1
Meme History in the making
The Age of the Cat is overLet us commence The Age of the Frog
this day in history
a bunch of xenophobic british people may or may not have tanked the world economy because they don’t like southern europeans
History Toad
exo mama overdose growl gx exo comeback
twitter History People of color European History european art medievalpoc race and representation
quote History Chernobyl nuclear anon request 1986 today in history this day in history on this day in history russian history 30th anniversary Chernobyl disaster gorbachev nuclear energy Mikhail gorbachev 30 years ago ukrainian history history of ukraine nuclear station
high school news Detroit debate Black Excellence identities black girl magic Urban Debate League debate team
photoset funny mine meme humor shitpost bill wurtz History of Japan the history of japan history of japan meme japan meme meme dump the memeries
1k my edits disney edits my posts disney classics group disney movies groupedit Walt Disney Animation Studios Disneyedit Eras disneyismyescape wow! this post came out way better than i thought lol erasedit
if you ever feel bad about not being politically informed just know that king priam of troy in the book 3 of the iliad asked helen who are agamemnon, odysseus and ajax who have been leading a war against him for over 9 years
drag me down is so iconic. everything about it. the way they released it, in the middle of the fucking night, with no warning, everything was on fire, nobody thought it was safe to sleep, #1 worldwide within minutes….. Art. and then the meaning on the song, on the heels of everything that had...
sea shipwreck art history romanticism classic art ivan aivazovsky nigra lux Shipwreck on Black Sea
Things that crack me up about Legolas:Okay, so maybe the film guide says he was born in TA 87, but looking at clues from HOME and the Silmariilion, he’s at the very most a bit over 2000 years old at time of The Fellowship of the Ring. He’s the youngest elf that we know about in that time period. ARW...
Speaking of Kim Kardashian, what’s your stance on white women wearing braids?I understand that they are attractive because they are beautiful and different. They come from a cult...
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