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Someone just pointed out to me how Anne Frank and Martin Luther King JR. were both born,in the same year, but most people associate them as being in complete different points in history.
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this needs to be in every art history book in 10 years
The way we perceive time and history is so weirdI get so tripped out when I think about how Cleopatra lived closer tot he iPhone being invented than she did to the Great Pyramids being built. Or how Stonehenge would have already been ruins when Jesus walked the earth or how Oxford University is olde...
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President Obama: “We know it is Black History Month wh...
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When trains were introduced in the U.S, many people believed “women’s bodies were not designed to go at 50 miles an hour,” and that their “uteruses would fly out of [their] bodies if they were accelerated to that speed.”
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