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“Racist are inherently intellectual cowards.”
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I’ll put it to you like this, When white people ask “when is white history month?” it’s exactly like going into the ‘ethnic’ hair care product aisle at walmart and asking "where are all the products for white people hair?" It is literally any other aisle that sell...
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Happy Black History Month!    
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, I think we should all take the time to read and view some of his work. Too often he gets quoted out of context by people with no real understanding of what he was trying to say. I Have A Dream Speech [text] [video] Letter From Birmingham Jail ...
Has anyone ever noticed that when you’re talking about our history with some white people they always say stuff like “We walked on the moon” or, “We won the Revolutionary War” or, “We invented television” or some other modern day appliance but then when you ...
Vintage Photographs Animated by Nicolas Monterrat
French photographer and animator Nicolas Monterrat brings to life vintage and historical photographs and artwork by adding a surreal touch or humor spin. By combining both a modern sensibility in a vintage collage, his Tumblr blog “Un gif dans ta gueule”… is a place of intrigue to explore. 
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