• disney doodle anna frozen Who Do You Think You Are kristoff elsa olaf aquanutart I really wanted to like frozen but let's just say I thought the script could have been better also omg anna only chrom is allowed to marry people he's just met •
* omg game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire jon snow *GOT asoiaf spoilers adwd spoilers so I really like Jon too I just wanted to scream at the NW the whole way through the book typography could have been better but I just wanted to post it xD but wow that's two GoT graphics in two days
mine anna frozen Princess Anna Disneyedit disney frozen for the first time in forever please do not steal/use as a base for icons/graphics! thank you! i actually like this asldkfj
disney anna frozen hans kristoff elsa DISNEY'S FROZEN olaf
"I never could relate to a Disney princess because there was never one that looked like me" I think ...
Because look at these kids. Does it look like they give a fuck about race or color? nope. These kids got it right. They just simply love a character. They relate to who the person is/represents, not what they look like. Maybe you are the one focused on race? Look at all the fucks t...
disney frozen hans sven reverse the snow queen kristoff disney frozen elsa olaf olaf the snowman anna and elsa anna and kristoff
disney stuff gifset anna frozen Disneyedit frozenedit the last one is extremely crappy ugh (more like ALL of them are crappy) + if you have better names for this outfit just tell me because i didn't know how to call this so i went with 'traiditional' because for a good part of the movie she has this on so traditional* whoops
Reblog if youve seen frozen more than once
*** anna frozen elsa frozen* frozen spoilers elsanna bonus: kristoff almost falls because he was looking at anna
disney feels anna frozen hans sven kristoff elsa olaf
disney frozen DISNEY'S FROZEN
movies q anna frozen kristoff 1330 disney frozen kristanna frozen edit can you two nottt can you hear me crying bc kristoff and anna are just so cute i cant
disney movies posts anna frozen hans powerpoint let it go presentation hoohoo kristoff disney frozen elsa keynote Do You Want to Build a Snowman
my gif 1k disney eh anna frozen Disneyedit elsa in the whole world frozenedit don't look at me i just needed to make something but but! they're ALWAYS touching after anna saves elsa it's like they can't get enough there's no one closer to them just imagine the relief to finally be able to touch to hold the person you love most in the world
disney anna frozen kristoff my poor poor baby kristanna it'sok you get the booty later
anna they are perfect i love them frozen so perfect so there but I AM kristoff kristanna I shouldn't be using a hanna song
disney my graphic anna frozen hans sven kristoff disney frozen elsa olaf frozen spoilers
Do You Want to Get off Tumblr
[Another plausible reason as to why Elsa never left her room: She was too busy g...
mine disney MY BABIES frozen Disneyedit disney frozen frozenedit omg look at these cutie patooties the way anna looks down at the end and how elsa tries to hide how happy she is to finally be interacting with her baby sister elsa baby anna so precious