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You know how every movie in the past 5 years has featured a dramatic chase through the forest?
you know what damn forest I’m talking about the one with like all pine trees and an eerie blue glow do you think they ever have scheduling conflicts and run into other movies filming in that location? “okay, we need Holmes to run through this to the lef—oh, are you kidding me? Why ...
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  • 2001:u r a dork
  • 2002:Hold on, I have to refresh. See you in 4 hours. Wait for me.
  • 2003:I just got broadband!! It is this cool thing that lets you use the internet without having to hang up the telephone.
  • 2004:Hello Guys, What Does, OMG Mean??? Please Respond
  • 2005:OMG, did you see that? Totally lame.
  • 2006:Hey do you know what lemon/lime means? How did they make a banner for that? Why is this picture moving?
  • 2007:~KAWAII~ omg did you get the new shojo beat issue friend-chaan? :3
  • 2008:My LiFe SuCks Do YeW WaNnA gO oN mSn x'D i'm so random POTATO TACO TURTLES :'D
  • ...
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