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March Larry Timeline and Masterpost
So March was pretty hectic and doing this caused my computer to crash several times so that should tell you what March was like. Lets get started! None of these pictures or gifs belong to me so if you would like credit let me know! :) Sara (what-love-means) started doing these back in October but...
Finals: A Timeline
The night before the exam: 20 minutes into studying: A few hours into studying: An hour before the exam: A minute before the exam: 5 minutes into the exam: Walking out of the exam: When you get your grade back:
photoset * nina dobrev timeline: 2012 Type: Appearance
Guys technically there was already a Homestuck game
It’s called Silent Hive, and it’s SHITHIVE MAGGOTS INSANE. You can find a playthough of it by Cry here Sure, it may be non-canon, but it’s a FULL GAME designed to scare the shit out of you and make you wonder about life and your choices. I guess.It’s fucked up, is all I can s...
timeline Christopher Nolan inception Vector infographics
What if the reason Homestuck hasn’t updated is that we’re in a doomed timeline
ed westwick Leighton Meester timeline: 2009 type: photoshoot
Demi Lovato gifs quotes timeline: 2011 abc interview
January Larry Timeline and Masterpost
Normally when I make these posts, I start them off with some kind of uplifting thing about how even though things seem bad right now, I still think Harry and Louis are doing fine. But guys…I can’t even say that right now. Because January was literally such a good month for us and for the...