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Is it weird to think about how the name “Disney” was once just a last name. It didn’t mean anything. It was as simple and basic as any other last name that was just a name. What a beautiful thing to think about.
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  • Person:How do you become happy?
  • Me:Thinking about Disney Parks.
  • Person:How do you become sad?
  • Me:Thinking about Disney Parks.
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would much rather be sleeping in a disney resort right now
reblog this and on march 1st ill take all the urls and hide them inside a prop on a ride at walt disney world, forever immortalizing you on an attraction and making you part of the magic.
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yesterdayisover: lostparade: If the Disney villains who haunted your childhood nightmares were made to look fine as hell, would you still think they were scary? We’ll take a...
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