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  • Cleric:I toss the light-stone into the crypt! *Rolls 20*
  • Me:You have spent entirely too much time skipping rocks, as such you rebound the rock against three pillars and two skeletons before it comes to a clean stop in the center of the room.
  • Cleric:...So I can see them all?
  • Me:Yes.
  • ---------
  • Me:You're not a bard, but screw it roll Performance.
  • Fighter:OKAY. *Mediocre roll*
  • ...
character building question: if your character is Eagle One, who is Been There Done That Currently Doing That It Happened Once In A Dream If I Had To Pick A Dude Eagle Two
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Football is like Dungeons & Dragons. Every 30 minutes of real time is like 2 minutes of game time.
i mean NSFW seriously dnd greentext kinda nsfw i guess God I love DnD Who thinks of that
Dungeons and dragons is good for you. It builds character.
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So there we were, in full nerd-core D&D mode, when the party burst into a room where a horrible dark ritual was being conducted, includi...
Hold your breath...
I’m a first time player and the DM is a close friend determined to get me to play a game of D&D. We worked closely together on a very interesting homebrew for my first character based off of one of my drawings. A suit of animated armor that no one knows is really just an empty living construct. ...
I have come to realize, after yet another D&D session that ended with Kevin holding his head in his hands and moaning as the plot jumped...
hey no problem, easy mistake
dm: you see an orc sitting at a camp fire me: i sneak up on it *rolls 1* dm: you trip over an unseen banjo, the orc turns around and says: “hey! i see you!” me: “no you don’t” *nat 20 bluff* dm: the orc looks embarrassed and says sheepishly “oh, my bad, sorry to bother you”
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Reblog if you are female and play D&D/Pathfinder/Table Top Games
I want to see how many of you are out there and to show there are more of us than people think.
ok so i spent the night doing personality tests and there a couple shockers. anywho, this is what i got: Myers-Briggs: INFP Enneagram: 5 wing 6 (tie between 1, 2, 6, 8) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Path of Autonomy, Stimulation and Self-Direction) Kinsey Scale: 3 Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Termperame...
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