• do not be afraid •
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So please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it.
1k mine mine1 once upon a time snow white prince charming Emma Swan Regina Rumplestiltskin minenew killian jones ouatedit i tried.gif reginamillsedit emmaswanedit hookedit this took embarrassingly long to do theme: aesthetic
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idek i just mine: gif show: teen wolf twedit mine xoxo mchaleinski i think i was told the ship name was???? TEEN WOLF: THIRST. BE AFRAID. TEEN WOLF: TRUST THE THIRST. TEEN WOLF: THIS MIGHT THIRST. TEEN WOLF: LOSE YOUR THIRST. i could do this all day tbh nope im not gonna apologize this is a serious blog about teenage werewolves
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gif gifs depressed depression sad suicide music inspiration inspirational gerard way my chemical romance sadness mcr famous last words not afraid I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING I AM NOT AFRAID TO WALK THIS WORLD ALONE HONEY IF YOU STAY I'LL BE FORGIVEN NOTHING YOU CAN SAY CAN STOP ME GOING HOME
1k the hobbit *mine gandalf oh well galadriel hobbitedit *hobbitedit i had to delete frames from the second gif and to slow it down a little more
game of thrones daenerys targaryen gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen this quote means everything one of the most important dany ones imo and no this is not about dany freeing slaves it's about her evolving from the afraid little girl she was -and let's be honest basically a slave in the beginning- to someone that is not afraid to stand up not only for herself but also for others and she tries to fix injustice the way she thinks best so pls don't comment anything about dany and ''white savior'' because a) that would be my last intention and b) if i was to address the subject i'd probably attempt it through an extensive meta or sth
i love him so much urt frisk gaster undertale i dont think u understand how deeply i love gaster
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gifs mine Teen Wolf MY HEART HURTS Sterek twedit eternalsterek sterekedit otp: I'm not afraid of you
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