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stay woke black lives matter black girl magic
dogs long post // old friends senior dog sanctuary arty is my favorite i love him
Date a boy who forgives you for your past
Chicago janitor who works up to 90 hours a week lands lead ...
* gifs ** quicksilver dylan marveledit xmenedit epetersedit xma
gifs bts jimin Bangtan bts gif HAJHJKS;MM;:AA but honestly who tf schedules a driving lesson on a saturday at like 8am... me... im a dumbass
  • Fans:We want bisexual Steve Rogers
  • Marvel:But nazi Captain America is what you're getting
the comic book industry was built on the back of jewish creators, superhero comics were pioneered by jewish creators. everything we have today from superman to captain america, is down to the creativity of jewish artists and writers. and todays comics do nothing but spit on that legacy
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun gsnk nozaki umetaro my:gsnk my:all my:animanga nozakis my:bday
In Gravity Falls, there are two cool people- a cool dude and a cool girl. Between these two, who do ...
REBLOG for Soos RamirezLIKE for Wendy CorduroyOr….REBLOG and LIKE for both! :D
gif LOL mine malec shadowhunters nephilimdaily shadowhuntersedit matthewdaddaryo hasley dailymalec LOOK WHO GIFFED
papyrus sans undertale underswap min draw Sans is a dork who likes to attack in cool poses Papyrus is just too bone tired for this stuff but seeing what comes next..
doctor who the master Classic Who Missy dwedit Ranger creates It would be impossible to gif every instance of 'my dear Doctor' so I stuck to plain my dears
music God mariah carey
lmao Final Fantasy Final Fantasy IX Who
children adoption togetherwerise
cute mine danisnotonfire dan howell WHO ARE YOU vine phan dan and phil first video I'm you but stronger
if finn and poe were played by two white guys and kylo and hux were played by black and latino men i 100% assure you no one would have latched onto general “side character who has maybe a handful of lines and is generally unpleasant and unforgivably evil” hux as much as they have to fill up his ao3 ...
doctor who doctorwho dw My art TARDIS
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