• doctor who •
mine fuck you all why is hE SO FUCKING HOT SHOTQUNS
film i mindlessly save inages that remind me how romantic i am and how i deal with men 90% of the time these films had nothing to do with it but it's a very good representation to abusive and manipulative people who thinks you owe them a lot like what I've been through & what we're going through right now
gif video poetry Siz
people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important
harry potter doctor who all my friends are dead game of thrones JK Rowling john green the fault in our stars looking for alaska george r.r. martin
i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe
My grandma would always x out people in her yearbook and write “Deceased” when one of her high school classmates died. We often found it morbid. Grandma wanted to be the last one living. She wanted to win.
This guy wears yoga pants and hides his face, then confronts...
o u20k
white guy it bomb found marathon did cops Who boston two your
funny doctor who sherlock supernatural destiel spn HAHAHA Torchwood fandom ahahahahaha go the fuck to sleep samandriel night bloggers omgstahp its too late for this shit BAHAHAHAHAH whosline
1k 5k jay z 10k 15k 20k mine: gif ugly gifs ew she was proud and didnt even know who he was at first thats so cute
LOL funny gifs mine pet peeves
harry potter doctor who sherlock supernatural sherlock holmes dean winchester Tenth Doctor this took f o r e v e r but so worth it it's been in my head forever
harry potter doctor who lord of the rings supernatural The Hunger Games x men game of thrones percy jackson The Avengers Merlin avatar the last airbender star trek the walking dead the mortal instruments Teen Wolf tfios dc comics vampire academy divergent Torch Wood
  • me:i've waited 50 years for this
  • my mom:you're 17
  • me:i've waited 50 years for this
doctor who matt smith sherlock martin freeman supernatural superwholock David Tennant sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson Jensen Ackles Misha Collins real talk bbc sherlock dr who 11th Doctor 10th doctor series 3 dr.who jared padelecki mary morstan The Empty Hearse mary watson the sign of three his last vow
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