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Put your headphones on and PRESS PLAY! [x]
Ladies and Gentleman, here are the lyrics of the most inspiring Theme Song ever. Enjoy.
dududun dududun dudun dududun dudududududun dudududun dudun dududududun  doooowwwweeeeeeooooooo doooowweeeeoooooo doooooowweeeeooooo doooweoooo dowoooo dooweeeooooo
Doctor Who Theme on the Google Synthesizer Doodler!
Doctor Who Theme Song For Orchestra
Walt Ribeiro 
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Doctor Who - Every Theme At Once
every Doctor Who theme at once
The Wholock theme song. 
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The Doctor's Themes
The orchestrated version of the Doctor Who theme. Need I say more?
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Matt Smith & Karen Gillan singing the Doctor Who theme ...
  • Parents:-flipping through TV channels in the den, stumble across Doctor Who on BBC America-
  • -theme song comes on-
  • Dad:Oh...oh dear god...
  • -shuffle shuffle-
  • -scuffle scratch scratch-
  • -scratch CRASH scuffle BANG CRASH-
  • Me:-bursts through the door- I HEARD THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE.
So I had a dream that I was auditioning for Sherlock and when they gave me the lines I was supposed to read I totally blanked and all I could think about was the Doctor Who theme song so I just started singing “WEEE OOOO” and everyone stared at me until Steven Moffat just slowly clapped....
Doctor Who Theme Christmas Version
Bastien Lenoir 
Doctor Who theme - Christmas versionAnd a link to download it : Dooo weee o...
1k doctor who Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor doctor x rose mine 7 my gifs 3 otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye i had no fewer than 5 emotional breakdowns whilst making this and listening to doomsday theme probably didn't help AT ALL lololololol
Clara’s Theme
doctor who made by moi dwedit Been wanting to do this for a while ~Prayer circle for the Doctor to eventually meet a young Walt Disney and accidentally/on purpose suggest he creates a theme park I'm proud of the way this turned out??? That's new.