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why do people keep thinking snorting and wheezing pugs and bulldogs are cute??? brachycephalic dogs have trouble breathing because of unnecessarily short muzzles and stenotic nares, it’s not cute it’s terrifying, and it needs to change for the good of the dogs.
Please don’t take your pets for granted. Even if you’re frustrated that your dog has been barking all day or your bird has been screaming for attention, remember you are all they have in this world. Give your fish that extra water change. Give your dog or cat that tummy rub they’ve been begging ...
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So um...
I found a baby Jackdaw in an alley way away from trees or roofs and I gave it some waterIt took the water and then proceeded to follow me…I picked it up and carried it as I was crossing roadsI then set it down in some grass and to my surprise it carried on following meSo I sat at a picnic ben...
Hey, if you still miss your pet that is okay. I don’t care if it is years later and you still cry because they were not there this morning to greet you in that one of a kind way they did. It isn’t trivial, it isn’t stupid, and you are not weak. It is okay that you still miss them...
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A Scientific Study On Why Dogs Are The Best
- Their tails go swoosh swoosh- Their little puppy “arf arf!” at strange objects that makes them fall backwards- No sense of personal space- Never ending adoration- When they don’t have tails their whole body wiggles- Everything is worth celebrating- Puppy breath!- That pit pat pit pat pit pat happy...
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Hahah I love this!Especially those last two very important c...
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