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when somebody introduces a dog to you by saying “this is my dog”
my heart is beating so fast i just googled “how many dogs are there in the world” and an article in 2012 says that there are around 525 million and i can’t believe it that is so many dogs, and so many of them are happy and wagging their tails and they love u and they want 2 give u little puppy kisse...
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A Scientific Study On Why Dogs Are The Best
- Their tails go swoosh swoosh- Their little puppy “arf arf!” at strange objects that makes them fall backwards- No sense of personal space- Never ending adoration- When they don’t have tails their whole body wiggles- Everything is worth celebrating- Puppy breath!- That pit pat pit pat pit pat happy...
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“what are you eating. what’s in your mouth??? whAT’S IN YOUR MOUTH”turning their lil ears inside outwhEN THEY REST THEIR HEAD ON UR LEGthe rabbit kicks when they’re dreamingdoggie sneezes!!!!!the head tilt at high pitched soundswhen the lil paw reaches out to ask for more petsdogs!!!
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