• don't •
For this new year I would like to be blessed with shirtless pics of Harry. None of those bs pics of him laying face down on a pool chair that looked like they were taken with a boiled green bean. Real, HQ pics of Harry Styles without a shirt on. Thank you.
aestheitcs luke don't look
The shame and panic u feel on iMessage when you’re trying to find the perfect emoji and you’re taking too long and they can see u typing for 4 minutes for a one sentence text
i don't doubt this
it costs $0.00 to not make fun of a mentally ill person’s coping mechanisms
no offence but i want this projected on my tombstone tattooed on the inside of my eyelids and hung up in an antique frame on every wall of my house
My great-grandmother was pregnant for over a decade of her life. She was pregnant at least fifteen times, had over a dozen children. Raised all of them in a big rambling farmhouse in central Pennsylvania. And I thought about her this afternoon, lying in bed with my spouse after my lazy weekend n...
u don't look good without me
me: *types ‘n’ in google*google:
Don't try us this Halloween. DO. NOT. Try us. And don't ask me what I mean because YOU FUCKING KNOW....
i don't even know hannibal hannibaledit
“You don’t have to write that down, you’re easily gonna remember it! “- my brain, very naive, usually wrong
I don't want any pronouns
Don’t refer to me
don't lie you do the same
why is it like 75 in December I told yall niggas to recycle
Girls don’t want boys, girls want an all-expense-paid trip to New York City and tickets to see Hamilton.
Currently looking for a job that demands:extensive harry potter knowledgeability to make bad jokes love for puppiessarcasm
i don’t understand how it’s friday but i’m going with it