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"I don’t like Donald because I can’t understand him." "Why do you even like Donald? All he ever does is get angry."
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Donald Trump
I’m in fucking danger guys. He wants to take out the amendment that makes immigrants’ children a U.S. citizen and deport those families where the parents are illegal. Please stop supporting him as a joke. Please stop thinking that his racism and sexism is funny. Take this upcoming presid...
Every time donald trump comes up in conversation I make damn sure to mention that he’s a violent rapist. I don’t want anyone forgetting that.
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Donald Davis
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Reblog if you are NOT a Donald Trump supporter.
My family ranted to me last night about how they think Donald Trump is the only responsible person trying to run for president and they think “everyone supports him”. I want to prove them wrong.
Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?
His companies have gone bankrupt four times. He wants to deport immigrants but his parents were German and Swedish illegal immigrants. He disrespects women in the most humane way. He disrespected our troops. He accuses Mexicans of being rapists when he raped his ex-wife Ivana back in 1992. More...
Luhan x Donald Duck??
Donald healing you in Kingdom Hearts like:
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