• done •
vincent van gogh what is done in love is done well
durarara!! durarara Drrr Shizuo Heiwajima Heiwajima Shizuo drrr!! well done sir mdurarara well done shizuo
mine Chris Evans SO FUCKING DONE im so done with u fuck off chris
mystuff Chord Overstreet you bastard SO FUCKING DONE SO DONE WITH YOU
Don’t you hate it when your girlfriend uses you as a reading lamp
WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK BRITISH WEATHER today i have seen sun rain sleet hail a motherfucking rainbow and now it’s snowing
my gif exo exo m exo k Lay yixing suho junmyeon SuLay so done sulay 100% done random lady 1000% done
disney jasmine aladdin disney gif done shit arabic DONE WITH YOUR SHIT
depressed depression suicidal suicide done worthless im done selfharm
Rachel: "We're done."
i got a preowned copy of pokemon sapphire, so i snooped around in the game a little bit, and the only pokemon they had left was a magikarp with this letter attached to it:
justin bieber done photoset*
I taste you and drink you My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips...
what have i done
I’ll be Burger King and you be McDonalds, I’ll have it my way and you’ll be lovin’ it
ship and compass rope and anchor oops and hi it is what it is and butterfly birdies and bird coincidences and THINGS THAT AREN’T COINCIDENCES
me done