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But Liam drew harry potter glasses and the scar on zayn at the press conference.
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Sort of Middle Eastern Thor & Loki? Idek guys I was just looking for an excuse to draw a half-naked Loki No doubt inspired by joannaestep’s awesome African version of Thor & Loki (x)
the young prince and a snow sparrow
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Poor Thor can’t catch a break.
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My art doodling doodling blahblahblah I come up with the worst palettes ever to exist
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genderbend doodling snk i did it again jeanmarco
pokemon Mudkip yassart idk I just started doodling a mudkip
"Wait. Just—can’t we talk about this first?” "Fine. Then consider this my exclamation mark.” Based on this little nugget of fried gold — (x)
"Tell me again how you persuaded me into thinking that neglecting my duties as sworn king; letting you climb on to the throne and then on to me; and basically shooing away all the gathered Aesir lords, the Einherjar, and foreign dignitaries along with their banner-men so that I may feed you grapes...
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doodling johnrose i love them so much omfg
homestuck doodling johnrose grimdorks i love them 2 much
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