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The real tragedy of the book to show conversion is that the sand snakes actually wanted to crown Myrcella, not kill her. See, Dorne is the only kingdom that treats women as if they’re equals. Women inherit lands and titles there. In fact, Doran actually has a daughter, Arienne, who leads the sand s...
10k edit1 gwendoline christie nikolaj coster waldau got cast edit: gwendoline christie edit: nikolaj coster waldau gotcastedit Pedro Pascal edit: got cast sdcc 2014 edit: pedro pascal
game of thrones edit1 edit: game of thrones gotedit ellaria sand gotmartells gotellariasand s4sets
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game of thrones gotedit Oberyn Martell gotoberynmartell *martells my perfect martell sun ugh no new scenes sorry
my stuff game of thrones gotedit got mine gotjonsnow gotcatelynstark gotnedstark *Make me choose this is a winterfell quote not a north quote but i love it.. sorry also simple gifset because im tired and headache buu
game of thrones lena headey Cersei Lannister Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal the red viper Game of Thrones S4 prince oberyn prince of dorne The Mountain and the Viper Lena x Pedro
london new york game of thrones robb stark richard madden tube metro House Stark house martell Oberyn Martell king of the north Pedro Pascal king robb game of thrones season 4 Game of Thrones S4 prince oberyn prince of dorne
mygifs game of thrones gotedit Oberyn Martell please just let me i've done my waiting
1k 5k game of thrones 3k gotedit Oberyn Martell gotoberynmartell *martells better than everyone no matter what a better man than you if only that quote wasn't aiming doran who is just as amazing and complex oh gosh most of oberyn's scenes are either dark or tricky to color my apologies
mine Tyrion Lannister gotedit Oberyn Martell gameofthronesdaily
mine game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire peter dinklage Cersei Lannister Tyrion Lannister House Lannister gotedit Oberyn Martell
game of thrones edit1 got spoilers edit: game of thrones gotgifset gotedit Nymeria Sand Obara Sand Tyene Sand sand snakes i'm trying to keep an open mind about this casting but it's gonna keep bugging me that they don't look more like they do in the books
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mine game of thrones Tyrion Lannister got spoilers very important gotedit Oberyn Martell gottyrionlannister gotoberynmartell WHERE DO I FILE MY THANKS
my gifs mine requested mine: got i hope you like it! gotedit asoiafedit gotmartells gotlyannastark my two loves goteliamartell gotstarks i inked the quote form twoiaf that i used mainly for inspiration
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my stuff game of thrones got got* gotedit gameofthronesdaily iheartgot
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