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Being popular and going to a school dance or event with someone that has down syndrome or autism or any other disability is not “brave” it’s not an “inspiration” it’s being a fucking person. It shouldn’t be this this huge thing like “Wow. She’s attractive and took a kid in a wheelchair to Prom. She...
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Black Teen With Down Syndrome Brushes Off Bullying and Breaks Into Modeling
 Black people inspire me every day.
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I’m tired.No. I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted by the fact that I have to fight – verbally, physically, emotionally fight – to be recognized as a human being worthy of accommodations in public places.Quick, here’s a thought: when you think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and making accommod...
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disabled people who are unable to work are just as valid and worthy as disabled people who can work
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*has guests* Mom: well time to do The Most™
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When people defend Islam but also advocate for LGBT rights