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You all sound all English!
People who say they’ve “run out of Doctor Who” are either lying or someone to be feared intensely.
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Daleks must be good at making souffles because of the whole whisk-hand thing
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Netflix why. There is NO reason you couldn’t have gotten a better screencap for this episode.
New idea for a restaurant. Who-ters. All the waiters are dressed as various incarnations of the Doctor, and are in character. All the food is from Doctor Who, or Doctor Who themed, and episodes are playing on all the TVs. All the booths and bar stools and everything can be Who-themed, and there can ...
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One of my favourite shows: One of my least favourite shows: Do you see my problem
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Me: do you hear that?  tumblr: wait…. what is that?!  Me: *looks dramatically at the sky* they’re coming….. tumblr: who? WHO’S COMING?!  Me: the oncoming storm….. the whovians
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what if Gallifreyan sounds like music to us And the DW theme is actually the Doctor’s name
What if Christopher Eccleston is actually the doctor. One day he was looking back at Earth and saw that they weren’t making Doctor Who anymore, and was like, “That’s not right..” So he parked his Tardis outside Davies’ house and was like, here’s the deal, you are ...