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Não invente dor onde não há sofrimento.
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whenever I see a police officer I check to make sure I’m not illegal
As a feminist, I don’t think women should be drafted into war. As a feminist, I don’t think men should be drafted either. People should never have to be drafted to war. If not enough people believe in that war enough to fight, then that war is not worth fighting.
if you see this you havE BEEN DRAFTED. REBLOG TO DRAFT OTHERS.
FOREVER ALONE fun card handmade ivan draft
not having children until 2090 because i want 90s kids
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Nada se sabe quando não se faz sentir.
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tell white men they look too serious tell them to smile tell them if they don’t want to get made fun of they should have thought of that before they left their house tell them girls will be girls anytime they complain about our behavior yawn dramatically when they talk walk away from them mid-...