• dragon age mygifs* personal fave hall of shame daedit daedits Blackwall blackwall x inquisitor lumberjack bf otp: heart laid bare why are there so many EXTREME CLOSE UPS in his romance scenes there's not a lot of banter regarding this romance but i really liked that convo between solas and blackwall •
dragon age sera scopophobia tw Blackwall (possibly) I MISS!!!! DRAWIGN!!!!!!!!! BUT I DON'T!!! HAVE!!!! FREE TIME!!!!!!!!!! responsibilities are eating me alive i dno't wnat to do this anymore there's so much i want to draw...... ghgdkljgilkj i'll. i'll get to it i have to be making prints anyways after this week / next week it's back to the regular commission schedule so i'll have some time i guess there's there's something that i really want to draw but i'll save it for later. treat myself
posts dragon age official artwork sera cassandra pentaghast iron bull Solas dorian pavus Blackwall dragon age tarot romance tarot Lovers of Thedas <3 tarot set
gifs mine cole cullen videogames dragon age bioware da sera vivienne cassandra pentaghast Inquisition varric dragon age: inquisition leliana daedits da:i iron bull Solas dorian pavus Blackwall josephine montilyet FIRST ACTUAL POST ON MY VIDEOGAME BLOG I DECLARE THIS INQUISITION FUCKING REBORN OOPS IM LIKE TAGGING THE WHOLE WORLD BUT IDC TBH
my edits seriously dragon age so anyway daedit daedits dragon age inquisition dorian pavus i did the templar quest in my second playthrough which meant at one point this fine young man knocked on haven's door somebody knit dorian a jumper how didn't he freeze to death on his way from redcliffe the plan was not to romance him i bet taking 726357254 screencaps and editing them really helps with that i wanted my elf to romance bull dammit bioware y u do dis?
dai cole dragon age Inquisition dragon age inquisition dai spoilers Blackwall Blackwall and Cole Cole and Blackwall
Team name ideas from personal experience.
Solas+Sera+Cole: Team It’s Clear Which One Dad Likes MoreVarric+Sera+Cole: Team We Didn’t Think This Through In The Companion Selection ScreenBlackwall+Iron Bull+Solas: Team When Will My Husband Return From The WarVivienne+Solas+Dorian: Team We Discuss Our Techniques With A Severe Bitch ...
Fanart dragon age dragon age: inquisition inquisitor Solas lavellan sindae lavellan SHOULD HAVE BEEN NICER TO LAVELLAN SOLAS the office au
my graphics cole edits* dragon age da* cassandra pentaghast dragon age: inquisition daedits dorian pavus Blackwall disclaimer!!!! i am not an expert on tarot cards and these may be /wrong/ i got my information from the internet and it may very well be incorrect also i didn't include blackwall's romance card because i couldn't find the tarot card it corresponds to maybe it doesn't?? datarot
mine Morrigan cullen sebastian isabela dragon age anders merrill Dragon Age II josephine fenris Dragon Age Origins alistair sera cassandra zevran Dorian leliana dragon age inquisition iron bull Solas Blackwall
mine gif warning dragon age sera cassandra pentaghast dragon age: inquisition Solas Blackwall the iron bull I made these this weekend because I like making myself sad apparently
art My art Sketch fan art doodle dragon age dragon age 2 fenris garrett hawke inquisitor dragon age inquisition dorian pavus warden blackwall
myart cole sera vivienne long post varric tethras cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition iron bull Solas dorian pavus Blackwall Adria trevelyan our printer run out of toner lol! and I screwd up the layout a little bit but aaah I dont care anymore
LOL Morrigan cole cullen HAHAHAHHA dragon age hawke Flemeth josephine alistair sera actually vivienne cassandra I'm not sorry at all Stroud varric leliana inquisitor dragon age inquisition iron bull Solas dorian pavus Blackwall corypheus abelas
dragon age daedits gamediting Solas sin** solas* nothing else i make will surpass this it sucks because a lot of his very best shade is actually in banters with the companions but i can't wait around for that to trigger so i tried my best with what i had this is such a self indulgent set i'm laughing so hard
My art vivienne Dragon Age 3 dragon age inquisition i hecked up Solas i wasn't supposed to get into pre-release hype but i'm a casualty of the hype machine i've accepted my sad fate btw this was meant to be a generic f!qunari inquisitor not iron bull like ppl are tagging it lmfao sobs
Master Reference Post: Solas
A master reference list of codex entries, conversational videos, cutscenes, and in-game art and architecture that provide the canonical sum of what we know about everybody’s favorite grandpa egg.  Hopefully this will come in handy when you’re researching your theories.  As always, if I missed someth...
Friendly ConcernYou know how in DA2, if you romanced someone, Varric would pull you aside for a few seconds to tell you why it might be a bad idea. I would’ve loved this for Inquisition.Varric pulls the Inquisitor aside. “Hey, we need to talk about you and….”Cassandra: Ok, you are incredibly ...
cole cullen dragon age josephine sera vivienne cassandra varric Dorian leliana da:i Solas Blackwall the iron bull hanna adaar sucks in air time to tag everyone finally done........
like names dragon age DA3 da:i i didn't want to leave bull out ? one for cole and TWO for blackwall you GO blackwall one for cassandra and none for iron bull bye also leaving off solas' elven translation 'cause that's more game canon and this is more language junk