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the only “c” word you should call a girl is “champion of kirkwall”
petition to bring back Chuck Norris jokes, but with Leliana instead“Leliana met a Pride demon once.  Now it’s a Humility spirit”“Leliana doesn’t sleep.  She waits”“The Maker stays away from Thedas because he heard Leliana was pissed at him”“When a Terror demon goes to sleep, it checks under its bed ...
Reblog if you like Dragon Age II just as much if not more than Dragon Age: Origins. Just want to know how many of us there are.
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If it’s family, you protect. Doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not.
Sudden Red Lyrium realization
I was just sitting there thinking about red lyrium, and about how Bianca said that this is regular lyrium that carries the Blight.  But then I remembered something from Dragon Age II that suddenly blows the top off of everything we thought we knew about the blight.  The Primeval Thaig containing the...
Dragon Age: World Building with Internalized Misogyny
This refers to this post and the subsequent riot that ensued. [x] First and foremost, let me say that I love BioWare and all of their works.  It is because of this love that I can be honest with myself and acknowledge that there are problems in the World Building.   One thing people keep saying in m...
A DA Fandom Inquiry
Lately, whenever those working on the Dragon Age series have been asked about the fate of the Warden, they all say that there are no plans to continue - or even conclude - the Warden’s story.The two main reasons that they keep repeating as to why there will be no future Hero of Ferelden content are ...
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I am still fully convinced that the reason as to why the enemies just appear in hordes(falling from the roofs pfft) in DA2 has to do with Varric changing how many enemies they were to Cassandra. "They were 10, no 25, no wait 500 thugs all attacking us at once"
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“grey wardens cannot involve themselves in political affairs” is my favorite lie in the entire series
We’ve done a lot of things we’re not proud of… robbing graves, plundering tombs, jaywalking… but nobody got hurt. W...
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