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draw your ocs like this
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Draw Yourself As: Homestuck Edition
this is proooobably floating around tumblr already but I’m too bored to wait for it to pop up in my dash. so ask away! Draw yourself as: Normal outfitAlchemized outfitDreamselfGod TierGrimdarkTricksterCrockertierTrollsonaTroll AncestorSpriteDead TagDeadIn your landWith your weaponWith an Alche...
girls draw dey eyebrows on when i go bald imma draw my hairline on might draw some waves on that bit...
How I draw hands
Nobody asked for this, lol. Here we go.
Reblog and I'll draw your URL.
Rollerball pen, multiple colours, unlined paper. Hit me with your best shot.
a sequel to frozen where elsa’s advisors are all imploring her to find a nice prince to marry to be the king consort and elsa just isn’t interested in anyone until an arab royal family comes to visit to discuss trade arrangements and elsa meets their spunky hijabi daughter who has the power to manip...
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how to draw
1. get out paper and a pencil 2. cry in a corner
How to Draw Manga
Now you know
are you ever drawing something and then in the middle of drawing it you just go “wait a minute i don’t know how to draw hands”
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like say your url is harry’s dick, I’ll draw that.  Likes won’t be counted. No follow necessary, I’m so bored
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