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I’m attracted to the idea of drowning, or rather the idea of jumping off and being enveloped by something, not bad or good, just envel...
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This poster caught my eye at school today I’M TRYING, MOTIVATIONAL POSTER I SWEAR I’M TRYING
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Illustration art drowning indie heart mixed media
pokemon meowth Smoochum pichu wooper teddiursa
liam payne Niall Horan niam US tour well gUESS WHAT KIDS MY UP ALL NIGHT TOUR DVD ARRIVED TODAY i am currently watching it and drowning in my own tears nbd
game of thrones Loras Tyrell Renly Baratheon renly x loras stannis baratheon finn jones gethin anthony stephen dillane GOT Gifs omg pain pain and more pain drowning in pain
glee rachel berry lea michele i cried my way through making this oh my god i was drowning in feelings i don't even have or something wait what character: dream so big
Adventure Time drawing Illustration cartoon parody fan art lumpy space princess Roy Lichtenstein LSP brad drowning girl lumpenstein lichtenstein
Alex Turner ilu Miles Kane am gifs miles gifs ma boys oh al you have the best band mates their faces were just the best those that claim that they are not in love are drowning in denial o u 2 please pay attention at the hands and their faces omg THEIR FACES
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I Saw Water
Tigers Jaw  Tigers Jaw
I Saw Water// Tigers JawMy friends are climbing mountains and i’m drownin...